# Templates for Lambdas

Monitor your Lambda functions with the Starter template full of queries, and alerts. These queries use your lambda-logs, to make sure your Lambdas are running great!

# Datasets

Dataset Docs
lambda-logs Sending Lambda Logs to Baselime

# Queries

Highest Billed Duration
Highest Billed Duration

Name Description Dataset ID
Highest Billed Duration Invocations Invocations with the highed billed duration lambda-logs highest-billed-invocation
Duration of lambda cold-starts Statistics on the duration of lambda cold starts across the application lambda-logs lambda-cold-start-duration
Events with LogLevel ERROR Count of the number of events with LogLevel ERROR lambda-logs lambda-errors
Duration of lambda invocations Max and P99 duration for lambda invocations lambda-logs lambda-invocations-durations
Lambda Timeouts Lambda Invocations that reported a timeout lambda-logs timeouts

# Alarms

Name Description Triggered by Threshold Window
Errors during Lambda invocations There were more than errors over the past 30mins lambda-errors > 10 30mins
Lambda invocations timeouts There were more than 5 timeouts over the past 30mins timeouts > 5 30mins