# Templates for API Backends

Monitor your API Backends with the Starter template for queries, and alerts. These queries use your Api Gateway Logs, and CloudWatch Metrics to help you make sure your API's are scalable and have great uptime.

# Required Datasets

Dataset Docs
apigateway-logs Sending API Gateway Logs to Baselime
cloudwatch-metrics Sending CloudWatch Metrics to Baselime

# Queries

API Integration Latency
API Integration Latency

Name Description Dataset ID
API Latency Provides stats on API latency (AVG, P90, P95, P99) apigateway-logs api-latency
API Integration Latency The speed of API gateway compared to the speed integration apigateway-logs api-integration-latency
API Errors Counts the number of API errors and groups by status apigateway-logs api-errors
API Overview Sums the values of API metrics cloudwatch-metrics api-overview
Request Count Counts the number of requests apigateway-logs request-count

# Alarms

Name Description Triggered by Threshold Window
API Latency Alarm Triggers an alarm if the AVG response latency is over a threshold api-latency > 4000 60mins
API Errors Alarm Triggers an alarm if the count of API errors is over a threshold api-errors > 10 10mins
Request Count Alarm Triggers an alarm if the count of requests is over a threshold request-count > 60000 1min

# Combos

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