# Roles and Permissions

Baselime empowers software engineering teams to gain a deeper understanding of their serverless infrastructure. Team members can collaborate on Baselime, share knowledge and break down silos. We achieve this with the help of user roles.

There are 4 types of user roles in Baselime workspaces, with different permissions.

Workspace owners control billing and all destructive actions on the workspace.

Each workspace can have a single owner, typically the person who created the workspace.

Workspace owner permissions can be transferred.

Workspace admins control billing and all destructive actions on items within the workspace, but cannot delete the workspace itself.

It's possible to have multiple workspace admins within a workspace.

Collaborators are the default role.

They can perform all actions on Baselime, with the exception of destructive actions on private items of other users.

Guests have read-only access to data within Baselime.