# Data Privacy

You can keep your sensitive data private when working with Baselime. Configure Data Privacy policies to keep your sensitive data private, whilst Baselime collects telemetry data from your serverless stack.

# Data Privacy Policies

You can prevent specific data fields from being ingested in Baselime. Either by blocking them entirely, or obfuscating the value stored in Baselime. blocked and obfuscated data fields can be specified across an entire workspace or per namespace.

# Blocking Data Fields

Blocked keys will not be stored in Baselime. They will not be available in queries, visualisations or text-search fields.

Data fields can be blocked in the Baselime web console or using the CLI.

baselime keys block 'user.email' --namespace 'login-lambda'

# Obfuscating Data Fields

Obfuscated keys will be stored in Baselime, but scrambled as a Base64-encoded ASCII from the original data. It should be noted that it is possible to retrieve the value of the obfuscated value.

Data fields can be obfuscated in the Baselime web console or using the CLI

baselime keys obfuscate 'user.email' --namespace 'login-lambda'