# Materialized Keys

Materialized keys are the result of calculations on one or multiple existing keys in your events.

# Reference

Materialized keys work a lot like Excel functions. A materialized_key consists of:

  • one or multiple existing keys or materialized_keys prefixed with $. Example: $@duration
  • a function. Example: MIN to compute the minimum between two values
  • numbers: Example: 32

Example materialized_key: LESS(PLUS($@duration, $@initDuration), 100). This will return true for every event where the sum of the @duration and @initDuration is less than 100.

# List of operators

# Comparison operators

  • LESS: less than
  • LESSOREQUALS: less than or equal
  • GREATER: greater than
  • GREATEROREQUALS: greater than or equal
  • EQUALS: equal
  • NOTEQUALS: not equal

# Math operators

  • MIN: minimum
  • MAX: maximum
  • PLUS: sum
  • MINUS: subtract
  • MULTIPLY: multiply
  • DIVIDE: divide
  • MODULO: modulo