# Welcome to Baselime

Baselime is an Observability as Code platform based on OpenTelemetry that makes it easy for your team to resolve incidents and performance bottlenecks in your serverless applications.

Baselime currently supports serverless services on AWS.

# Events, Logs, Metrics and Traces

Your serverless runtime and infrastructure emit telemetry data in various formats. That's usually the missing context when debugging defects and incidents. Baselime doesn't re-invent the wheel. Data is gathered in your serverless application from:

  • Direct integration with AWS services through CloudFormation
  • OpenTelemetry to capture runtime traces
  • Logs and Metrics from CloudWatch

# Baselime Data Storage

Baselime securely stores your telemetry data per namespace. A namespace is typically a Lambda function. Namespaces help partition your data and facilitate querying your data.

# Observability as Code

Typically, monitoring and observability solutions let you define your configurations in web-based user interfaces.

On Baselime, you define your observability configurations in human-readable declarative configuration files. This allows you to create a blueprint that you can version, share and re-use. On Baselime, observability is a first-class citizen of your software development process.

The primary user interface with Baselime is the Baselime CLI.

# Queries, Alerts and Dashboard

Query your data, using any of the Baselime clients, to get a deeper understanding of your production systems. Create and share alerts and dashboard based on the results of your queries.

# Collaboration

Baselime is built for teams. Collaborate with your team on the findings and learnings from your queries and dashboards.

# Made for Developers

Monitoring and observability platforms are usually built with operations professionals as primary users; Baselime puts the developer at the center of the observability efforts of your teams.

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